Support & Maintenance Outsourcing

Our pedigree is founded upon building and running software based solutions. We have delivered software over the last 30 years which remains in-service today.

Billions of transactions are processed through software solutions maintained by our team of experts. Our IT support and maintenance services are always aimed at providing short or long term technical support for software products or services and include the following ones.

  • Assistance,Bug Fixing & patch release – 24×7 Troubleshooting and SLA driven ramification. We also facilitate our clients to keep their software products updated by frequent patch releases.
  • Product enhancements– Dedicated and specialist teams to support a proactive enhancement scheduled by time-bound or ad-hoc as the business needs necessitate.
  • Code Optimization– We have experts exceptionally well in programming skills who optimize the product code effortlessly to reduce the lines of codes or to standardized the same. Our code optimization solution largely helps to convert a non-scalable code to a scalable code.
  • Upgrades– We firmly believe that support for a software product should be continual and hence provide version upgrades so that our clients can have access to enhanced product features in a hassle-free manner.
  • Migration and Adaptation methodologies – We provide comprehensive analysis and application migration services to minimize complexities and costs. We help you Adapt seamlessly
  • Changes in UI/UX– The UI expectations are changing and our skilled designers’ helps in meeting the needs by doing the necessary changes in a time-bound manner

Our strong team of technicians, designers, developers and testing professionals hence are committed to offer effective support and maintenance services whether it is onshore or offshore.