• ZCOM is classified as a specialist integrator supporting implementation by Ericsson within CSP communities around the world. We have assisted in some 50+ projects involving Ericsson products (EOC, ECM, MSDP, TCRM, CBiO etc). The end customers base includes Tier 1 operators as well as new entrants and other industry verticals.

    Ericsson utilizes ZCOM on R&D activities around the OrderCare and Revenue Manager next generation platforms.

  • ZCOM provides systems integration and customization services for the Kloudville platform. The target audience for the platform is within the SMB community and currently supports Wholesalers, Distributors and Services companies.

  • ZCOM has assisted many of the large Telco/CSP around the world. With our specialism in providing strategy, architectural and implementation services around Lead-to-Service and Order-to-Cash business processes. Our client resumes include Verzion, T-mobile, PTC to name a few.