Agile Catalog Driven Operations

All businesses trade in goods or services i.e “sell things and preform work of some sort”. This is where the process starts … complexity is added with supply chain trades, the selling process, the fulfillment process, the accounting process and so on …

From our history of previous ventures, we developed the concept of “Catalog driven business processes”. The Catalog is the master of all goods for sale and the interlinked business process for its supply.

Our solution services here will help you:

  • Define an enterprise Catalog: Take stock of your disparate data environment and streamline into a goods-for-sale inventory
  • Adapt business processes to the Catalog: Migrate process to a digital framework of tasks triggered via the Enterprise Catalog definitions and state
  • Automate where possible: Look of opportunities to remove replication of tasks and automate the journey of each transaction from lead-to-supply/service.