About ZCOM

What we do?
ZCOM Systems Group Inc (aka ZCOM) is an independent Systems Integration services provider. We serve both small and large enterprise clients globally. Our customers range from telecommunication service providers to local main street businesses. We have a uniquely talented pool of IT professionals with extensive hands-on experience and a credible track record of references. We cover the full IT Lifecycle from Strategy and Architecture, to Systems Support and Application Maintenance.

Our cultural moto is “We make IT happen.”

How we do IT ?
ZCOM operates out of centers of excellence around the world with an extensive bias for active on-site presence with our customers. Our teams are composed of industry veterans that understand the varied needs of businesses large and small. We understand your business, and are talented in mapping IT solutions to business problems and opportunities.

Our paradigm is “We implement IT fast”.

Why we are unique?
We have a long-track record, that predates ZCOM itself, of delivering industry leading solutions to the largest operators around the globe. These operators have challenges that preclude traditional approaches. We understand their needs, we understand their constraints, and we apply creative software and services solutions to solving these problems. The fact that we were the fathers of systems deployed 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 years ago, that still run today, speaks to our ability to turn vision into reality.

Our teams are composed of seasoned veterans with deep experience, balanced with a mix of cost-effective junior staff. We draw from our extensive network to quickly staff-up your projects with local and offshore resources.

Our goal is “You imagine IT, we deliver IT”.

Who we are ?
Our history is borne from creating companies and scaling them to become an integral part of the offerings of larger organizations. We have helped transform many vertical industries, and mature and adapt them to the new all integrated “Digital World”.

We are comprised of the visionaries in the Telecommunications industry, who were the first to market software for an “Inventory of Network Assets”. We were the first to market metadata driven software in the Inventory, Catalog and Order Management domains. We were the first with “Catalog Driven Order Management” solutions. These concepts have now been widely adopted by the industry and its suppliers, helping to transform the industry.

Our legacy includes ConceptWave Software Inc., acquired by Ericsson AB in 2012, and Objectel Software Inc., now owned by Oracle Corp. Both product portfolios continue to remain key components of these vendors portfolios and are deployed globally in the largest operators. They have stood the test of time.