Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes are critical to the acquisition, services and retention of your customer base. Whether you are growing out of your existing solution, or having challenges with the lack of support and/or cost of tailoring your customer facing systems, ZCOM is here to help you deploy a solution that provides the right balance of functionality, configurability and cost.

The deployment of traditional CRM solutions is a time consuming and frustrating experience. These solutions bring with them rigid processes that either impose change on your organization, or are costly to adapt to your needs. Finding a solution that brings with it best practices, but provides you the opportunity to refine and adapt these processes, is critical.

The adoption strategy is also critical. Big bang approaches that involve replacement of your CRM systems require significant commitment from across your business. A step-wise approach is often advisable. ZCOM can advise on the ideal phasing approach to suit your business.

ZCOM partners exclusively with Kloudville, a cloud based CRM solution vendor. With Kloudville we provide comprehensive CRM implementation capabilities for small and medium sized businesses, spanning industries as diverse as real estate, services, and distributors.

Our services include:

  • Technical assessment of IoT in the context of your busines
  • Recommendation of IoT enabling platforms
  • Prototyping an IoT solution that is meaningful for your business
  • Delivery and maintenance of your IoT software platform

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

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