Order Management

The management of an order from inception through to completion is critical to all aspects of the business. The successful orchestration of the fulfillment of the order is critical to ensuring that the client is provided the service he ordered, in a timely fashion. This drives customer satisfaction, is the trigger for revenue recognition, and is a significant driver in the reduction of operating costs associated with problematic/late orders.

In the telecommunications world, the fulfillment steps are typically far more complex than an outsider could imagine. Furthermore, the architectural separation of customer, service and resource orders results in a highly complex order fulfillment process with high requirements for proactive monitoring and recovery. Unfortunately, many operators fail to understand this complexity at the outset and select generic workflow engines, typically open source BPMN variants, to orchestrate their orders with poor results.

ZCOM has an extensive history in order management for the telecommunications market. Our staff has designed and built industry leading order management software (ConceptWave Order Care) and has deployed multi-vendor order management solutions into large and small operators globally.

ZCOM can help you realize these benefits through:

  • Opportunity assessment for your OSS/BSS
  • Strategic architecture and design across the Customer, Service and Resource planes
  • Implementation of end-to-end order management and orchestration
  • Adapting existing processes and systems to leverage the new Order Management platform

order Management

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