Revenue (billing) management

Your revenue management systems are critical in your ability to your business in many more ways than simply generating an invoice (although there is no argument that that function is not important!). The revenue management systems of today have evolved to be integral to the entire OSS/BSS. They are involved, in real-time, with every phone call made. They provide the ability to compete with innovative pricing. They enable the next generation of services.

ZCOM has the experience to help you assess your billing needs. Whether the challenge is to manage your existing revenue management systems, to integrate a master catalog into your platform, or to select and deploy a new platform, ZCOM can guide you through the selection and implementation processes.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of your existing Revenue Management platform
  • Catalog-enabling your platform
  • Recommendation of a strategy for retiring existing BSS
  • Deployment, configuration and integration of the solution
  • Delivery and maintenance of your solution

Revenue (billing) management

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