Design, Build & Test

ZCOM understands that frequent, iterative, deliveries are more conducive to successful deliveries than projects structures as “big-bang” deliveries. Iterative deliveries assure that all parties are on the same page, serve as a vehicle through which requirements you never dreamed of are discovered, and provide frequent and early course corrections. In support of these objectives, ZCOM employs an Agile methodology.
Design, Build & Test

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We pride ourselves in enabling Agile deliveries through our proven Continuous Integration Testing and Regression Testing tools. Automated testing is run nightly so that we always have a picture as to the quality of the current Sprint / Software Release.

We seldom work in isolation, so if you are engaging ZCOM to deliver only a portion of the complete solution, with internal and/or external groups delivering the other portions, we will adapt our processes to meet the needs of the entire program.

The bulk of ZCOM’s business is in this area, and with a strong record of repeat and growing business, we truly believe that we offer a winning formula.