The internet of things

We live in a connected world. With the proliferation of connected devices and the rapid evolution towards the Internet-of-Things (IoT), the existing software infrastructure for all businesses will strain under the pressure of high volume and low latency requirements imposed by the connected world. This digital revolution demands changes be made in the existing IT infrastructure of your business.

Implementing an IoT capable environment requires planning for the world of tomorrow. Simple internet connectivity will not suffice. Businesses will need to join and leverage ecosystems that arise from nowhere and may disappear as quickly.

Our IoT implementations services will guide you through this new connected paradigm. We will help you declutter the noise surrounding IoT and guide you through a street-wise implementation strategy with quick-wins. Our services include:

  • Technical assessment of IoT in the context of your busines
  • Recommendation of IoT enabling platforms
  • Prototyping an IoT solution that is meaningful for your business
  • Delivery and maintenance of your IoT software platform


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